Home/Office-Based Neurofeedback Training

There are a number of reasons for wanting to conduct neurofeedback training based in the office or at home rather than in one of our clinics. You may live far away from our clinics, (which are currently based in Swansea, Cambridge, Norfolk as well as Denmark). You may require a more flexible neurofeedback training programme, especially if you have a busy schedule and/or young children to consider. (With home/office-based training you can pick and choose the best time to train, and vary the length of the training sessions to suit your needs). Or you may simply prefer to conduct neurofeedback in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. The PeakMind distance training service now provides the solution.


With home/office-based training you would be required to attend one of our clinics for the initial assessment and QEEG*, to help us to evaluate brain function and determine the best course for neurofeedback training*. However, providing you have a laptop, the actual neurofeedback training sessions can be conducted at the home or in the office.


With home/office-based neurofeedback training you will be monitored very closely by one of our specialist neurofeedback therapists throughout the course of the training. We will maintain regular contact for the duration of the neurofeedback training, and we will be on hand, by phone/skype or via email, whenever assistance or advice is required. If more in-depth assistance is required then Internet neurofeedback sessions where we run the neurofeedback training over the internet via remote control software is also an option.


It is important to note that this approach has not been formally validated through funded scientific research. However, this is a standard approach carried out by neurofeedback practitioners worldwide, and here at PeakMind we have had a high degree of success using this and we have presented clinical evidence at an international conference, where we comapred home training vs clinic training (read abstract here).

Intensive Neurofeedback Training

An alternative approach for those unable to attend the clinics for neurofeedback sessions on a regular basis is intensive training. This still requires that you attend one of our clinics currently based in Swansea, Cambridge and Norfolk. However, instead of stretching the neurofeedback out over weeksor months, you would have (1 or 2) periods of intensive training, (e.g. 14 days of neurofeedback (each period), with 1session per day). This has been a very successful approach in the past.